Making casual games in a COVID-19 world

Trends, lessons, and strategies we've learned from 2020 so far

September 23rd 2020  |  2:00PM - 3:15PM BST

Over the past eight months, we've seen a dramatic change across the gaming industry. Playtime and overall traffic have seen a record high, with some countries and regions performing beyond expectations. And with all of these quick and dramatic changes, come new opportunities.

Alongside Adjust and TopOn, we'll cover:

    • Insights from 2B+ monthly players, with an update on key metrics, including retention, ARPDAU, Session Length, CPI, and more (GameAnalytics)
    • How to leverage your data and learn from proven marketing strategies to grow your game (Adjust)
    • How to develop an advertising strategy during COVID-19, and the advantages of ad mediation (TopOn)

Meet the presenters 

Ioana Hreninciuc 
CEO at GameAnalytics 


2020 Gaming KPIs in Review: How the mobile gaming industry is changing in a COVID-19 world

Stephanie Pilon
Global Director of Product & Field Marketing at Adjust


Quarantined World: Reaching the At-Home Mobile Gamer

Harry Yang
CMO at TopOn


How to adjust your monetization strategy for different markets
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