Post Webinar Roundup

 Making Casual Games in a COVID19 World

If you've missed our webinar, have a question for the speakers, or want to find the videos or links to the resources that our speakers mentioned, you're in the right place.

Below you can find the webinar recordings and links to related resources and if you have any questions for the speakers or any feedback on our next webinars, use the form to the right and we will get your query to the right people. 

VIdeos, links, and resources below!

Webinar Recordings

Ioana Hreninciuc, CEO at GameAnalytics, presents insights on key metrics, including retention, ARPDAU, Session Length, CPI, and more.

Stephanie Pilon, Global Director of Product & Field Marketing at Adjust, explains how to leverage your data and learn from proven marketing strategies to grow your game.

Adjusting your Monetisation Strategy to Different Markets

Harry Yang, CMO at TopOn, Explains how to develop an advertising strategy during COVID-19, and the advantages of ad mediation

Related Content

During our presentation, we shared changes for the top KPIs and metrics from 2020, across different regions and platforms. These insights were taken from our new insights tool, Benchmarks+.

The App Trends Report is an essential read for marketers who want to compare their performance to the rest. Our mobile app industry analysis leads to richer insights, with context and expert opinions that can improve your marketing, giving you more understanding of the mobile app industry trends that shape the App Economy. Download your free copy of the report below.

Adjust has partnered with Unity in this unique report to bring us actionable insights from the high-growth world of hyper-casual gaming. Download it now to discover the key trends that shape the genre, including low CPIs, high retention, and more.

SocialPeta and TopOn, jointly released the White Paper on Global Mobile Game Advertising and Monetization (H1 2020), which reveals the advertising marketing data performance of global mobile gaming in H1 2020 under the impact of COVID-19 through different countries, and predicts the trend of the global market in H2 2020 with the normalization of the pandemic.
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